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Palo Santo Sage Face wash puck with French Green Clay

Palo Santo Sage Face wash puck with French Green Clay

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Palo Santo Sage Face Wash Puck with French Green Clay

A fresh perspective can shift the present moment into a place of wonder and awe. With so much screen time penetrating our eyes, breathing in environmental pollutants , and piercing audible and vibrational transmissions layering the day with anxiety, we are subconsciously overwhelming our senses. 

Our Palo Santo Sage Puck is a tangible talisman that anchors you back to Mother Earth while cooling and cleansing your beautiful face. Our all natural ingredients were created out of a passion to live gently and purposefully. 

Palo Santo and Sage essential oil

French Green Clay

!00% Organic Cold-Pressed Rosehip hip oil

Vegetable Glycerin




Care information

Use with water to Lather and keep dry when not in use.

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