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Wanderess Wild Cherry Basil Berry Soap-Best seller

Wanderess Wild Cherry Basil Berry Soap-Best seller

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“Without knowing why or how, I found myself in love with this strange Wanderess. Maybe I was just in love with the dream she was selling me: A life of destiny and fate; as my own life up until we met had been so void of enchantment. Those things: mystery, fate, enchantment… they are things that young people offer us as soon as we get close to them. And if we're not careful, we can be seduced by, and draw back into, the youthful world they preside over.” 

Roman Payne 

Gothic passion and ripe romance will wash over you as you indulge in our Wanderess Body Bar. Release your inner poet and your wild untamed spirit. Dip in the fountain of youth with our fantastic blend of berries, cherries and sacred herbs. Step out of the water and unveil  your essence with energizing euphoria. 




Care information

Use with water to Lather and keep dry when not in use.

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