The more lather means the cleaner we are right?

The more lather means the cleaner we are right?

We are under the impression that lather means we are getting cleaner. What we do not realize is cleaning products such as soap, shampoo and toothpaste don’t need to have a large amount of lather to do what they are designed to do. Soap lather suspends the dirt using surface tension in the water and traps the dirt for easy removal through the act of washing. We do not require a vast amount of lather to get the job done. 


The vast majority of commercial-grade products are using chemical foaming agents to create that foamy lather. Chemicals such as cocamide DEA and MEA are the most common. At Lemon Creek apothecary we do not use any chemical additives to get the job done. Our Artisan crafted soap collection as well as our amazing Loofah soaps are what a natural lather is supposed to feel like. 

Soap lather in commercial products is created due to customer demand. We are made to believe we are getting cleaner when in fact all we are doing is smearing more toxins onto our bodies than is healthy. They also contain harsh fragrances and perfumes which are known to cause irritation. These fragrances are not extracted from natural sources like the label wants you to believe. Every item we make with love and care comes from only the best all-natural sources and essential oils across our entire product line. 


Did you know the simple ingredient listed on the back of commercial soap such as perfume or fragrance can consist of over 3,00 ingredients! This was a driving factor in doing what we are doing. We want to bring only the best straightforward naturally derived ingredients. Our Palo Santo Face puck is a prime example of what we consider a healthy wash. 


Commercial products do not have our best interests in mind, and I hope this clarifies a few misconceptions. 

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